About Tuts+ Jobs

Tuts+ Jobs is a job board for full time, part time and casual employment opportunities for web and creative professionals. We're part of the Tuts+ Educational Network and the Envato Marketplaces, all run by Envato.

We're committed to helping people earn and learn online. Our goal here is to take the hassle out of finding a job, so we've made the process as simple as can be!


1. How much does it cost to list a job?
Currently, listing a job is absolutely free. Listings are displayed for 30 days, and will then be shown as expired and will no longer be searchable. You can easily re-list a job if you haven't found the perfect candidate.
2. Why are some fields required?
To ensure that potential applicants get all the information they need, some fields are required. Additional information can be added to the Job Description if necessary.
3. How will applicants get in touch with me?
Applicants are directed to the contact point you supply, either an email or URL. We do not offer a closed message or contact service.
4. How long will my ad be online?
Listings are displayed for 30 days, and will then be shown as expired and will no longer be searchable. You can edit or remove your job listing at any time during the 30 days.
5. What if I haven’t found the right person for the job at the end of that time?
If you haven't found the perfect candidate after 30 days, you can easily post your job again for free.
6. Can I edit or remove my listing?
Yes, you can edit or remove your listing at any time.
7. Do I have to pay money to reply to ads?
Definitely not! We've done our best to connect you with quality employment opportunities, and that means no application fees or sign up required.
8. How do I apply for ads?
Visit any job listing and click 'Apply Now'. You'll be directed to apply via the advertiser's website or email.
9. Are all the jobs located in Australia?
We accept full time, part time and casual listings from all around the world. Check the listing to find out where the job is based, as some jobs may offer remote opportunities.
10. Do you have freelance jobs?
No. For freelance opportunities check out our sister site, FreelanceSwitch.
11. I’m having trouble using the site. What is going on?
Good question! We'd love to hear from you via our support channel - click the black 'Support' tab on the right edge of the screen.
12. Why should I use Tuts+ Jobs?
We're committed to making every step of the job-finding process more intuitive, simpler and more efficient. We don't want to stand between you and a great opportunity.
13. Who is Tuts+ Jobs anyway?
Tuts+ Jobs is an Envato project. We're dedicated to helping people to earn and to learn, online. If you'd like to know more about us, check out envato.com.